WELCOME to The Pink Flamingo – Online CBD & Wellness Store

What a pleasure to have You here! I’m J and this is my short story:

  • My own relationship with cannabis started about 3 years ago after suffering from chronic migraines for 5 years, after a car accident. I started using cannabis as an alternative treatment and in a very short period of time, I could see and feel a positive change in my mental, emotional and physical wellness.
    This sparked an interest in the need for accessible alternatives and has ultimately led to the birth of this online store. The aim of this online store is to make CBD & Wellness products accessible and available, online, to ALL South Africans from the comfort of their own homes.
  • The name Pink Flamingo was born after my life partner, Albert, accidentally named a strain of cannabis “Pink Flamingo”. At the time it was absolutely hilarious (one of those – “You had to be there moments”)…. and so it came to be! From that moment onwards, the term Pink Flamingo has become a source of creative inspiration, momentous moments and an absolute gratitude for all that was, is and shall be… in Love.Jonathan Keen

This store not only has a focus on Your well-being but has been put together with absolute care to ensure a convenient online shopping experience. If you feel that has not been the case, please feel free to mail me on enquiries@thepinkflamingo.co.za

Enjoy your online shopping experience at The Pink Flamingo and hope to see you back here soon!

Thank You for the ongoing Support,