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Journeys into the nature of being

Shuilyn White is a painter printmaker who questions and explores what it is to be in the world; what it is to be present; how we engage and respond to life’s experiences and how we as individuals from and inhabit the space we call “the self”. Her art practice is based on an authenticity of gesture and integrity of process that describes how we in our most subliminal form move through time and space to arrive at a place that we can call home.

Being an only child on a vast sugar estate in Nigeria and shaped by family histories of migration, exile and war sparked a curiosity into the self and belonging. This led her to question the societal fictions, roles and myths of the self; to see out the possibility of a self that exists beyond social and personal constructs; and to realize the importance of connection over belonging in finding one’s place in the world.

Reflecting her Sino-European-African heritage, Shuilyn’s images emerge from a fusion of sensibilities and influences, finding a balance between the figurative and the abstract, between profound minimalism and buoyant expressionism.
in 2017 Shuilyn was honoured with a special invitation by Chief Curator, Morgan Doyle and selected by the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers  for The Masters Exhibition at the Bankside Gallery in London.

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In her latest art practice, Shuilyn seeks to give expression to the lived experience as it is internalized into an inner landscape of self awareness and the timeless present. 

In infinite Distances, Distant Infinities, Shuilyn focuses on images to engage the viewer in a dialogue on the true nature of the self. The images question our sense of self. A self described and elaborated upon by our own internal dialogues based on our thoughts, memories, physical appearance personas, fears and expectations, both personal and societal, a self built on the illusion of time, knowledge and control.in this whirl, the question we might all stop and ask from time to time is, Who am I?

In this question we might find the infinite distance between who we think we are and who we truly are. And we might find the wonder of the distant affinities that connect us to an ever evolving cosmos.

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