Baltic Amber Necklace for ADHD Children


Baltic Amber for Africa‘s ADHD Necklace aids concentration and inner-peace in people who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

  • This amber and gemstone necklace aids concentration and brings a sense of inner calm and groundedness
  • The crystals also ease other difficulties which may be associated with ADHD such as anxiety, depression, upset or anger
  • Carefully crafted using Cognac Amber, Smokey Quartz, Sodalite and Fluorite
  • Smokey Quartz helps you to feel grounded and is beneficial in times of stress. Smokey quartz helps to instill feelings of calmness and aids in releasing fear, especially when this is linked to failure. The grounding properties of this stone help ease hyperactivity and staying on task.
  • Sodalite helps to clear mental confusion and restore inner peace that has been disrupted. It encourages effective communication and calms the mind, increasing it’s ability to take in and process new information and focus.
  • Fluorite is said to absorb and neutralize all negative energies and is also known as the “Genius Stone,” as it increases concentration and helps in decision-making. Fluorite clears your mind of confusion, cluttered
    thoughts and negativity. Fluorite heightens mental abilities, assisting in rapid organisation and processing of information.
  • Design feature to protect against choking if the necklace is pulled hard
  • As an additional safety feature, there is a knot before and after each bead so that in the event of it being broken, there is no risk of choking on the beads
  • Circumference size: 36 cm
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