EcoBuz Humi Gro Soil Conditioner


HUMIGRO is available a 600g Tub and a box that includes 3 x 5g sachets.

Dilute 5g of HUMIGRO granules into 5l of water and mix well. Apply HUMIGRO as a drench during bed preparation and when planting. HUMIGRO granules can also be mixed with fertiliser at a rate of 50g per kg.

HUMIGRO can also be treated as a granular application, sprinkled onto the soil at 50g per m2 and then watered after. HUMIGRO is a natural product and will not burn or harm the soil if over-applied.HUMIGRO contains humic acid – Reg No B 5462, Act 36 of 1947. Madumbi Sustainable Agriculture (Pty) Ltd, Postnet Suite 20, Private Bag X6011, Hilton 3245Reg. No. 2009/020798/07.

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