Feelgood Pets PetCalm: Homeopathic Remedy Calms Stressed & Anxious Pets


PetCalm is a natural pet homeopathic calming remedy. It can be used regularly to help anxious or highly strung pets – or as needed for occasional help during stressful events, such as during thunderstorms, fireworks, domestic stress, pet shows – or even a visit to the vet. Also useful for rescue pets with adjustment issues.

  • Natural, safe, effective homeopathic remedy
  • Quickly calms anxious, stressed and highly strung pets
  • Treats anxiety in pets or soothes those with nervous dispositions
  • Helps your pet cope during times of domestic stress (moving house, new baby, etc)
  • To reduce distress during Halloween, fireworks, thunderstorms and other frightening occasions
  • Calms your pet during visits to the vet
  • For pets with a history of abuse or rescue pets adjusting to a new home
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