Feelgood Pets Skin & Coat Tonic: Supports Dog & Cat Skin Health & Shiny Coat!


Skin and Coat Tonic is a natural skin & coat tonic for dogs and cats. Regular use helps to promote a shiny, healthy coat and will also help to heal most chronic and acute skin conditions. Skin and Coat Tonic is also a benefit for ‘show pets’ who need a ‘beauty boost’ before competitive events.

  • All-natural, herbal tonic for healthy skin & coat in dogs and cats
  • Improves skin functioning and strengthens hair shaft and follicle
  • Treats dry scaly skin and eczema and relieves itching
  • Accelerates healing of skin lesions, hot spots and fungal and bacterial infections of the skin
  • Prevents bald patches and helps fur to grow back
  • Improves liver, kidney and thyroid functioning as well as overall health
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