Healthy Coffee Guy – 250g CBD-Infused (250mg CBD)


Available in Beans/Filter Grind/Espresso Grind. We have used pure 99.99% Cannabidiol (CBD) from a GMP certified lab and the latest proprietary method of infusion to infuse our organically grown coffee with this “medicinal” hemp/cannabis extract. Coffee and CBD both improve mood and serotonin levels and have antioxidant properties. The caffeine + CBD combination produces a calmer, jitter-free and more focussed energy alongside an effective dose of CBD. This product has no external oils added which would effect the taste and shelf-life of the coffee. Caffeine helps to counteract the lethargy sometimes noted by CBD users, making it a great combination.
Each 250g bag of coffee has been infused with 250mg CBD. A cup of coffee uses approx 10 grams of coffee grounds so contains 25x10mg CBD servings.
25 servings per bag


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