MojoMe 100% Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen TYPE 2 (Chicken) 250g


Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen TYPE 2 (Chicken)

250g PACK | 2500mg daily | 100 Days Supply

Why MojoMe Collagen Type II?

The body’s collagen Type 2 production depletes with age.

MojoMe is an award-winning brand of ethically sourced premium products. MojoMe type 2 collagen is 100% pure collagen free from added ingredients, fillers or synthetic nutrients. Type 2 collagen production depletes with age and there is a natural progressive decrease in cartilage, muscle mass and bone: density, strength and flexibility. An inadequate or unhealthy type 2 collagen matrix may weaken joint-cartilage and increase associated risk of damage, excessive wear or inflammation and pain. The regeneration of joint cartilage and bone strength is important for daily vitality and mobility. Research has shown that supplementation with premium type 2 collagen protein can help offset these degenerative effects of ageing, reducing the risk of bone disorders by inhibiting bone breakdown and thus maintaining bone strength.

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