Natural Yogi – Camilyang (Chamomile + Ylang-Ylang) Deodorant 50ml


Natural Yogi’s Camilyang Deodorant (50ml) is a healthier alternative to chemically-laden antiperspirants, made from the most simple and natural ingredients.

  • A sweet and soothing scent combination of chamomile and ylang ylang essential oil
  • Does not block your pores or inhibit your perspiration like other antiperspirants do (which interferes with your body’s natural process of toxin elimination)
  • Absorbs excess moisture and odour, creating a pH-environment that is not conducive to odour-causing microbes
  • This 50ml jar will last you a while as only a small amount is needed in each application
  • Antibacterial, moisturising, soothing and NO white stains!
  • Locally produced with recyclable, zero plastic packaging to  reduce YOUR carbon footprint!
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