OHM Oils – Pure Pine Needle Essential Oil 10ml


The wonderful fresh scent of pine needle essential oil makes you feel like you are walking in a forest! Ohm Oils brings you the fresh and energising scent of pure Pine Needle essential oil to bring the forest into YOUR home! Add to your bath, use in an oil burner or diffuser or add to natural household cleaning products.

  • Freshens the air in your home with its uplifting scent (especially popular at Christmas time!)
  • Excellent tonic for the respiratory system – helps to clear chests and noses
  • Use in a steam inhalation or in your bath to relieve cold and flu symptoms
  • Blend with a carrier oil and use as a chest rub for easy breathing
  • Add a few drops to a massage oil to help ease aching muscles
  • May also be used topically in a blend to treat acne
  • Support local! Proudly made in South Africa