VONDI’s – Cape Buchu Essential Oil 10ml


Pure Indigenous’s Cape Buchu Essential Oil (10 ml) is a 100% natural oil that has been traditionally used in a brandy tincture called ‘Boegoe-brandewyn’ for stomach ailments like kidney and urinary tract discomfort, symptomatic relief from gout and rheumatism and as an external application to wounds and bruises.

  • Alleviates arthritis, rheumatism and joint stiffness/pain
  • Acts as an antiseptic to heal wounds, and relieve infections of the urinary tract, kidney, colon and prostate
  • A natural diuretic which in turn purifies the body of toxins and helps rheumatism and arthritis
  • Being poisonous in nature, Buchu Essential Oil helps to kill insects and acts as an insect repellent to insects such as flies, lice, mosquitoes, bed-bugs and fleas
  • Provides skin protection from UV rays
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